Why Doesn’t Lyle Lovett Prefer Blondes?

I admit it. From the first time I heard, She’s No Lady, She’s My Wife,” I fell hard…very hard. For 20+ years, I have been hopelessly in love with Lyle Lovett. I was crushed when he married Julia Roberts.

I was relieved when it ended. I just knew she wasn’t right for him. But then to my chagrin, every picture after that fateful union showed Lyle with a brunette, never a blonde. I was heartbroken. There it was for all the world to see.

The gentleman did not prefer blondes. Damn!

That meant I never had a chance. I finally reconciled my unrequited love for a man who is also a brilliant songwriter. I have been married for 12 years to another gentleman, one of the kindest on the planet. So, it all worked out.

But how do my neurotic tendencies relate to your business? Well, think about it. Does everybody like Lyle’s music? Sadly, no. But a heck of a lot of people do. He makes a great living doing what he loves.

And he has a lot of personality. If you’ve ever attended one of his concerts, you know what I mean. His fans adore him, his humor and the depth of his music.

I’m sure you can think of an artist you really love, one whose words and music speak to you. Now, take that same kinship and apply it to your business. You want the same thing with your clients.

You want your clients to feel you understand them, that you’re listening. How can you do that? The easy part is when you have the client right in front of you. But what about later? How do you keep that connection strong?

You may not be able to write quirky, beautiful songs to build a dedicated group of followers, but you can send print newsletters, really good ones.

Make that newsletter your song. Let your personality and your caring for your clients shine through!  That’s what connects you and your clients. And it will steadily grow your business from the inside out.

Lyle’s hair, even his looks, have gotten him attention. But what makes him stick like glue to his fans is his style of music, the words and his cool personality.

If your marketing is the same style and same vanilla flavor as the salon or spa down the street, what’s the freaking point?

Carve out your niche. Stand up and say who you are. Give great tips and ideas your clients will love. Watch as your business grows and customers refer and people talk about what a unique business you have.

Just don’t marry Julia Roberts.

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