Salon Marketing Doldrums?

I was glad to see in Deliver Magazine that a mix of marketing, both print and email, is always best. I have always thought this, even when the world was screaming about how “effective” email marketing is; the truth is, it’s simply cheap.

Effective? Sometimes but it’s getting harder all the time. And it doesn’t reach all of your market. Believe it or not, not everyone WANTS email. When you have a mix of email and direct mail, you cover everybody.

Just like email, send newsletters to people who want a printed format. Duh! That’s not only cost effective and smart, a combined effort improves your reach. That’s why I’m such a fan of salons and spas including print newsletter marketing into their mix.

Heck, that’s why I started a salon and spa print newsletter business!

With print, you can actually let your personality shine through. Yes, email does allow for some of that. But let’s face it, emails must be short or you lose your readers.

Why? Because most are expecting to be sold something. Print newsletters are not perceived as a marketing piece. If the content is:

  • engaging
  • entertaining, and
  • informative

it becomes an engagement piece. And that’s what you want.

Now about those gift certificates you sold in December…we all love seeing that lovely cash come rolling in. But don’t we hate to see those darn little cards get redeemed!

It is a bummer, but if you will continue faithfully marketing through newsletters AND solid offers, you will see a nice bump in business for January.

What’s your approach to marketing in the off times? I’d love to hear it!


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