Direct Mail Marketing: The Unlikely Comeback

The old-fashioned letter. Nobody thought we’d see that avenue as viable any more, especially not salon and spa owners.

I must admit that I get downright cranky when business owners tell me they don’t want to include print as part of their marketing campaign because of expense.

It’s just another not so subtle reminder of the generation difference between us. Electronic communication has made marketing easy, yes; but it has made us lazy and greedy in the process.

We want the convenience of email and texting. We want the benefit of “zero cost” marketing. It’s tempting, for sure. But like most addictions, it’s not even close to accurate.

The Custom Content Council found that consumers are increasingly attracted to print because of the useful information. Yeah, that’s right! Your customers view print newsletters as an engagement piece, not a marketing piece.

How much is that worth to you? Hint: You cannot buy that kind of perception with email. But get this, the CPC also found:

  • 68% of consumers surveyed agreed that print publications helped them make better purchasing decisions, especially when companies provided product information through a tailored publication.
  • 78% of consumers didn’t mind sponsors selling their products/services through a custom publication as long as their information was interesting and informative.
  • 74% said getting information from an interesting set of articles was more appealing than information from ads.
  • 59% read print custom publications, whereas only 36% look through custom email.

Never doubt that your clients want to hear from you. But the days of thinking email is king, well, they’re over. If you’re going to grow your business, you must have a solid interactive marketing strategy that has plenty of room–and plenty of need–for both.

Choosing to stick your head in the sand because it’s convenient is a money loser for your business. Embrace multiple avenues to reach new clients and to retain existing ones.

Then check your profit margins. I’ll get the chair so you can sit down.

Part of this post references various articles in the December issue of Deliver Magazine. Check the online version here.


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