Has Nail Polish Become Revolutionary?

Well, it certainly seems so. First, Shellac took the nail world by storm, offering a step down version of acrylic nails with great results. Lighter, but in my opinion, nearly as durable as acrylics and gels, women don’t have to compromise the health of their nails for the price for beauty.

Now there is another step down opportunity for the nail polish crowd. This one is for polish wearers who don’t need the extra layer of protection that fragile nails need. It appears to be a major upgrade to the application of traditional nail polish

Enter Dazzle Dry. I haven’t tried this new system, but it does look promising for those lucky women who have strong nails. Hence, the reason I probably won’t try it. I have puny nails.

However, the website touts that the polish “revolutionizes nail care by slicing the time it takes for a normal manicure to dry by more than half.” Wow! That sounds like a revolution to me.

If Dazzle Dry can stand up to its claim, then certainly OPI, Essie and other major nail polish players will follow suit. It’s certainly a revolution that’s long overdue!


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