The Cool Cat’s Marketing Mojo

relationship marketingMeet Hank, faithful steward of our bird feeder. Or, as we affectionately call it, WBRD.

Hank subscribes to the Cool Cat Marketing Method. Hank believes, if you are cool, they will come.

And that means he doesn’t put much effort into building relationships with his clients. In fact, because he’s so cool, Hank believes his customers will always want to do business with him.

“They would never think of going somewhere else,” Hank says. “I have the best bird feeder in town.”

Well, Hank can think he has just the right mixture of seeds to attract premium birds. He can think he’s got a better view than any other place in the valley. Heck, he can even think his customer service is better than any other bird feeding station.

But Hank forgot about one very important aspect of his business. What are his customers saying?

Yes, it’s important to have good quality products and services. But Hank completely overlooked the two most important qualities a business should have to create a cash flow machine:

  • Offer tremendous value for the money clients spend
  • Make your clients feel appreciated

But Hank doesn’t do that. In fact, he’s only in touch with his customers when he wants something from them That’s why they see him more as an unwelcome pest, not a guest. Ouch!

A few of Hank’s customers are already talking about the bird feeder down the road from him. The word in the air is that the bird seed is just as good as Hank’s. It’s certainly a friendlier place, and the view’s not bad, either.

By the time Hank figures this out, his customers will be firmly attached to the bird feeder down the road from him. All because Hank forgot that how he treats his customers is far more important than his bird feeder and his fancy attitude.

And that’s pretty much why people start judging a business based on price. What else have they got?


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