Is Word Of Mouth Advertising Choking Your Business?

It’s the gold standard; at least that’s what most businesses believe.

Word of mouth marketing is a cheap but effective way of building your client base. And it says that your customers think enough of your work to send their friends to you.

So how can the most sacred form of advertising also choke the life out of your revenue and your business growth?


1. Relying either solely or primarily on word of mouth advertising generates the highest risk of having your business stuck in a rut. It’s hard to introduce new products or services if your client base is satisfied with the status quo. This can drive you nuts.

2. You get used to taking what comes your way instead of actively seeking out your ideal customer. Maintaining a proactive stance with your business keeps you solidly in control, allowing you to navigate it more profitably, and attracting more of the clients you want.

3. Referrals are unpredictable and uncontrollable. There just isn’t any consistency to feed your business new clients month after month.

So how can you rise above the tricky, but ego-satisfying trap of word of mouth marketing?

Take the bull by the horns. Develop marketing messages that attract your ideal customer. Find out where those customers are and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

If You’re Happy With The Status Quo…

If you’re happy with and trust that the flow of business you have right now will continue, then do nothing.

What To Do Next

But, if you want to grow your business—and most importantly—actively direct that growth profitably, then consider value-add advertising—not discounting—with all your marketing.

And use print newsletter marketing. Whether it’s my newsletter template or something you take the time to do yourself, add print to the mix. It’s trackable and measurable.

And it gives you what email can’t. It builds a loyalty fence around your customers. It gets clients spending more, booking more and referring more.

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