The Myth Of The Green Email

How many times have you heard a client say, “I’ll get your newsletter through email. It will help save the environment.” The pubic has been laboring under a highly misleading myth, that email is the green way to go.

Not so.

Yes, it’s quite handy to be able to shop online 24/7, bank or email any time of the day or night, too. There’s just one little fact that we’ve all overlooked: the cost to keep us digitally hot-wired non-stop.

It’s expensive and it’s a non-renewable resource. Data centers that house your email server, your bank documents, your favorite online catalog, all require huge amounts of energy to operate.

In fact, in the U.S., electricity usage for data centers is growing roughly by 24% per year, according to

And the energy is non-renewable because we have no way to reclaim electronic waste. Paper, on the hand, is completely renewable and reusable with paper and forest industries planting about 1.5 million seedlings PER DAY.

And what community doesn’t have a paper-recycling program? It’s part of our culture. We simply haven’t connected the dots when it comes to electronic waste.

Email readers want information to be short, quick and then delete. The opportunity for building a relationship is less. It’s still there, but it’s simply not as strong.

Encourage your clients to subscribe to your print newsletter. (You do have one, don’t you?) It’s a stellar opportunity to build a deeper relationship with them.

Print is portable. People can read it at their convenience. They are in no hurry to delete or toss it. And print allows you to have a true “conversation” with your clients, providing them with tips and trends, hair, skin and make-up how-to’s, all the stuff women love.

Print newsletters also lower a reader’s defenses to buying, reinforcing your relationship and building a loyalty fence around them.

It’s one unique way to create buzz about your business and to get people in on a regularly basis. And it’s environmentally friendly.

Lock in customers, profits and sales with customized done-for-you spa and salon newsletters for as little as $69 per month.

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