How Was The Service?

It went like this. She wanted information on some skin care creme and the spa employee wanted to make a sale. Who do you think won?
Answer: nobody.

One was intent on selling the jar of creme. The other was simply trying to get some information about the product. Big diff.

Yes, it’s disappointing when those pesky customers don’t follow the script! But there’s a lesson in it, too. Start where your customer is comfortable.

Look at it this way. Suppose a friend asked you, “How was the hotel room you stayed in?” Your brain would probably do a quick search. How was the hotel room? It asks. Compared to what? The Hilton? The cheesy motel down the road?

We’re always comparing our experiences. That’s why the information seeker is so important. She wants more than a good jar of anti-aging creme. She’s testing the waters of professional friendship.

Are you worthy of her business? Should she spend her valuable time and money with you?  If a friend asks her, ” How was XYZ salon?” Her brain will be searching for that answer, too. Was the salesperson pushy? Friendly? Helpful?

Her answer determines how much your business grows.


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