When Should You Fire A Client?

Is the customer always right? Of course not. But most of the time it behooves us to pretend that she is because it means more business in the long run.

But what do you do when the client is downright bitchy and mean? Here’s what happened to me. This woman, a doctor, was referred to us by the adjoining hair salon. Lots of money and lots of entitled attitude, but hey, we could handle that.

That is until she started booking 3-5 appointments with us on Saturdays and not showing up.

Until she brought her coffee and her dog into the facial room. She complained that she couldn’t drink her coffee during the facial. The dog farted mightily and was escorted back to the car.

Until she started accusing us of doing poor work. I called her on the phone. Of course she didn’t answer. So I left a message that she was no longer welcome at our spa. Have a nice life, etc., etc.

I couldn’t believe how good I felt.

Here’s the point. We live in an age of political correctness. And that’s too bad because it means we’re giving up a generous amount of our power to please the Great Unknown Public.

Instead of cowering in fear with, what will she say about my salon or spa? Instead, think about her friends. Who are they? Would you want them in your salon or spa? Chances are you don’t.

Then pick up the phone and wish her a happy life…somewhere else, preferably with your competitor.

Unpolitically Correct,


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