Who Are You?

Quiz time.

When you think of Coca-Cola, who do you think of? Now, when you think of Apple computers, who do you think of?

Big diff.

With Coke, you have images of Michael Jackson’s famous flame-throwing hair and, of course, taste tests with Pepsi.

With Apple, there’s the iconic Steve Jobs with his obsession for customer service, his brilliance with technology and his quirky personality. Jobs went out of his way to create a “cool” company with a brand that delivers in spades.

Coke? Hmmm…well…uh…let me get back to you on that.

And that’s the point. People like doing business with people. If I have trouble with my Mac, I know I’m going to be taken care of. I have confidence in the company. With Coke? I’m assured of weight gain and health problems. Period.

You might notice that it took Apple some time to come into their own. Suddenly, I’m hearing people talk about buying a Mac. Or people who I never thought would take the plunge (my sister, Sarah) buy one and love it.

It does take time to build a credible business especially when the world is used to one brand over another, Windows over Mac. But that didn’t stop Jobs. And it shouldn’t stop you.

The salon or spa down the street may sell what you sell, more or less: But what are they doing with it? Chances are, nothing. Use that to YOUR advantage.

Put a face on your business, preferably yours. Don’t just sell services, sell personality. Deliver on your services and make your business the place “where everybody knows your name.” Tell the world you love your business so much you’re willing to stand front and center.

It gives people confidence. Oddly enough, it’s a lot like a kick butt guarantee. It keeps you accountable and your customers happy. It broadcasts that their calls won’t be going to Timbuktu if they have a problem. It worked for Steve. It will work for you.

Strut Your Stuff,


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