The No But Zone

Boy, I was deep in it.

From the other end of the telephone line, I heard a weary sigh. It was my best friend, Debra, and her patience was wearing thin.

“Just for today, Susan, stay out of the But Zone.”

“The But Zone?” I said in a whiney voice.

“Yes. Today, the word ‘but’ is not going to be a part of your vocabulary.”

I agreed and then found how difficult it was to do. The But Zone was an oh-so-convenient place to hide my fears. And it’s a great place to stay stuck. Suddenly, I had this tiny little box that I couldn’t get out of.

And the irony was, I created it. By eliminating the But Zone, I had to eliminate reasons why my ideas wouldn’t work. I had to put more energy into believing they could work.


What do you believe about your business? How often do you willingly enter the But Zone. If your business, your marketing, heck, your life, is suddenly feeling small and trapped, then welcome to the But Zone.

I realize this may not be the most practical, hands on, take-it-and-run-with-it marketing advice I could give, but it’s one of the most crucial. Your business really lives in your head.

It will grow as much as your head will allow. But when you start spending more time in the But Zone than you do in the Challenge Me Zone, business suffers. You suffer.

Staying in the But Zone, will guarantee you one thing: you’ll simply graduate to the Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda class. In fact, you’ll graduate with honors. But who wants that? Most people do it.

Remember, when you’re clenching your teeth, tired, and just want out, that’s really a place of choice. Just don’t make it the But Zone.

Choose the road less traveled.

Tally Ho!



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