Direct Mail Marketing & Your Brain

Okay, you know I was happier than a cowboy on Saturday night! I just read an article in Deliver Magazine about the Millward Brown research agency. What makes them so special, you ask?

Get this. They are a dedicated neuroscience marketing practice. Not only is that geek squared, but in my book, it makes them totally cool, which says something about me. But the point is this. They literally take the guesswork out of anticipating human behavior by tracking brain responses. Woof!

Just in case you’re not completely familiar with neuroscience, it’s the biology of the brain. Scientists use technologies like magnetic resonance imaging and eye tracking to learn how the brain reacts to messaging.

Now for the cool news. Millward Brown, Bangor University and the United Kingdom’s Royal Mail jointly conducted a neuroscience study that revealed a startling implication. Results showed that direct mail makes a deeper and longer-lasting impression than digital advertising. This means that direct mail could play a bigger role in brand building than its been given credit for.

That, and the fact that I’m not blowing smoke when I tell you that print newsletters work! At least now you know why it works. I encourage you to read the full article here.

There’s no question that digital is here to stay. I’m not arguing that point. My concern is, and always has been, confusing what’s easy, cheap and mostly free to advertise, with what works, no foolin’.

Devoutly Geeky,


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