So Where’s The Money?

There’s a common misconception that if you’re really good at what you do, you’ll build an empire of some sort.

Then idealism meets reality. That’s why 50% of stylists in the U.S. earn an hourly wage between $8.79 and $15.12.

Distressing, isn’t it?

Yes, it’s quite true that when you meet your clients’ needs, they come back and they tell others about you. It’s also true that you’ll also get referrals.

But that’s where it all falls apart. Salon and spa owners spend a great deal of time IN their shop creating and adding value for their clients.

But when those clients walk out the door, the relationship suddenly changes. There is either no contact or they are bombarded with offers.

This is on sale! That’s on sale! One Day Only!

All the time and care to create a strong relationship in house is suddenly gone. And that’s why 50% of U.S. stylists earn between $8.79 and $15.12 per hour.

It’s a disconnect that’s astounding!

If you’re not earning the kind of money your talent says you should, look at what you’re giving back. Then ask yourself this:

“If I were to trade places with my client, would I be happy with my experience here?”

What you give out comes back to you. So keep in touch with your clients with valuable information they look forward to as well as offers.

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