The Facebook Folly

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”
High Tech proverb
I get it.
You’re short on time. If you’re like me, you’re always trying to beat a deadline of some sort.
But Facebook is the one place you really can’t take a short cut. It will cost you not only money, but clients.
It’s the biggest mistake I see spa and salon owners make. They turn to Facebook to promote their offers and it often looks like this:
25% off massages/hair color/whatever
Get yours NOW!
The trouble with this ad is that it’s an ad! Facebook is not the place to do direct selling.
Yes, you can sell your services, but Facebook is a whole culture, and there are definite rules. The first cardinal rule is:  Facebook fans don’t take kindly to an outright sell.
In fact, it’s a major turn off. What you want to cultivate first are relationships. Show your customers tremendous value with “how to” videos or short educational videos.
Offer suggestions, tips, and ideas that your clients can use. Let your clients know they mean more to you than just a dollar sign. THEN, slide in your offers like this:
We’re excited to offer massages/hair color/whatever for only $XX.
But be quick, we’ve only got 17 available.
Phone number here.
This is a much softer sell. And since you’ve already added value with your previous posts, your clients more easily embrace the offer.
Use print newsletters to cross sell to Facebook fans. Print is the pull that complements the web’s pull. It drives traffic to your Facebook page, your website, blog, etc.
Again, this is the era of relationship-building. Everything you do is based on bringing clients value first followed by finely crafted offers.
Every single generation responds to this. Think about it. Don’t you prefer this sort of selling?
It makes you feel more valued and that’s what clients want because there is so little of it offered today.

Building relationships,

I believe that in order to build my business, I must re-earn your trust everyday by excelling in every way.

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