Dear Allure Magazine

Dear Allure Magazine,

You value my time. I know this is true because the VP and publisher of your magazine told me so in her email.

In fact, she values my time so much that if I will take a few minutes to fill out a survey, she will enter my name into a sweepstakes drawing for a chance to win $50,000.

A chance to win?

Gosh, you guys really do value my time! Along with millions of other readers, I get a slim to none chance to win fifty grand.

You even acknowledged, “I know you receive countless emails each day, but frankly this is one of the most important surveys we conduct all year, so please take a moment to fill this out.”

Note to Allure: Why should it matter to me that it’s the most important survey YOU conduct all year? What do I get out of it? Oh, that’s right, a chance to win big money.

Got it.

I like Allure magazine. That’s why I subscribe to it. But these people need help building a bond with their customers.

Telling me what you need without giving me something genuine in return is of no value. And Ms. VP is right.

I DO get emails like that every day. Hers is no different.

Lesson for you: Do NOT copy this form of disingenuous client engagement. Don’t dangle a carrot I can never have in front of me.

Do NOT promise me a chance to win an iPad, an exotic vacation, or a treatment at your salon or spa.

My time is valuable. Give me something for it in return. It doesn’t have to be huge, but it does have to be sincere.

Keep It Real,



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