The Free That Crossed The Line

So here’s what happened. Another marketer approached me about helping me grow my business. This person wanted to include three issues of my newsletter–as a bonus– in with his information marketing product. I would get no contact names, no way to start a conversation with the prospect. The marketer would get paid for the product purchase. I would get an opportunity to be visible, and maybe, if people thought about it, the chance to have them join my subscription service.

This person told me how great it was to give away my product. If people liked it, they would go to my site and place a subscription. Hmmm….sounded like a big fish story to me. First and foremost, the prospect would not get the full benefit of my service, just a print newsletter, nothing else.

I offer a lot more than just a print newsletter. I also know how overwhelming it can be to hand three issues of a newsletter to someone and say, “Have at it.” It’s unfair both to the prospect and to me. I set my service up to bite size the process, helping subscribers get into the flow of it all. The way this marketer wanted to do it did not honor that learning curve at all. It was simply a bonus that cost them nothing.

We went round and round. Finally, I said no. I knew in my heart it was a bad deal. The Big Promise of a “huge opportunity” was simply thin, stale air…for me. For him, not so much.

I have other internet marketing friends who truly have helped me with my business. Their generosity and feedback has been nothing short of amazing. And let me tell you, I cannot wait to help them with their businesses. I will do whatever I can to let people know how great they are.

Why? And this is an important why...they honored my decisions. These other marketers offered their advice, allowed me to consider it and to make up my own mind. More times than not, I followed their advice.

Not once have the other professionals brow beat me into trying to do something that benefited only them. These marketers see a need in the marketplace. They know it will benefit them as well as me to get my business humming. They are willing to work with me, and at my pace. What a gift!

The other marketer? After I declined the original offer, I asked that my affiliate banner be placed on their site. No response. And of course, I didn’t expect any.

Here’s what the original marketer failed to grasp. It’s important to work with people where they are at that moment. The offer–at that moment–just didn’t sit right with me. Maybe I made the wrong choice, who knows? But I wasn’t ready for it. However, I was ready to test out their market by asking to have my banner placed on their site.

By allowing me to build some confidence in their ability to bring me business, maybe I would have re-visited their original offer. Now we’ll never know.

Baby steps.

Just because we don’t get what we wanted at the time doesn’t mean we should close the relationship. As you well know, sometimes no means, “not right now.”

Don’t forget that.


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