How To Make Mother’s Day Ads Profitable

Mother’s Day is the second biggest holiday of the year. So make it work for you with value-added package offers.

For hair, include services such as:

  • Professional Hair Consult-Value $XX (Always add this. Your expertise is valuable, and you’re giving professional advice throughout the service.)
  • Hair Mask-Adds shine and body  Value $XX
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment-Restores dry hair, adding body & shine Value $XX
  • Tingling Head Massage-Sink into AAHH while your hair gets more radiance  Value $XX
  • FREE Hair Styling Lesson-We’ll give you expert tips & techniques to style your hair at home with ease  Value Priceless!

Are you getting the picture?

The point is to show your prospect the benefit of each added service. Then total up the value for a close like this: $301 of beautiful value for only $97

For spas, I’ve chosen a massage value-add promo. It seems this is an area that doesn’t get a lot of value-adding, and there is so much you can do with it!

  • Add a few hot stones to glide over the back or at the end of the service  Value $XX The copy could be something like: Let it all go and sink into bliss!
  • Include an essential oil BUT let the client pick which one they like   Value $XX  Copy: Let our custom aromatherapy immediately begin to de-stress you
  • Include a professional consult-ALWAYS! Value $XX
  • Add a hand treatment like a paraffin dip  Value $XX
  • Add a hot towel treatment-to finish the treatment  Value $XX Copy: What better way to say AAHH!

Again, add up the total value and make it package.

These are just a few of the ways to add value to your Mother’s Day ads. Use them and profit!

And always add a guarantee to really bring home the bacon.




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