Why You Can’t Find The Answer

My girlfriend and I got together to watch a movie at her house. She put the DVD in and hit a button. The playback didn’t go as planned. Some weird information came up on the screen.

My friend got flustered. “I don’t know what to do,” she said. She kept pressing buttons but nothing made sense. Finally I suggested she call customer service.

“But this is a problem with the TV, not the satellite,” she said dismissively.

“But Dish works with your TV. Just give them a call. All they can do is say no.”

My friend kept pressing buttons and looking through her Dish manual. “I don’t know what to do,” she said. I suggested twice more that she call the Dish customer service people.

Then the TV began loading the channels. “What’s it doing?” she asked in a panic.

“It’s loading the channels,” I said. “Just let it do its thing.”

“But it says it’s analog. We haven’t had analog in years!” She clicked out of the loading screen. “I don’t know what to do!” she cried.

Finally, she went next door and got her neighbor to come over. He got the satellite to start loading the channels.The bit with the analog came up again. “But we haven’t had analog in years,” my friend said nervously.

“Just let it do its thing,” he advised. She did and the channels came back on the screen. “Well, look at that,” she said to me. “You were right.”

When you can’t find the answer, it usually has very little to do with the problem and everything with how you perceive the problem, and yes, the people around you.

The answers are there, but it’s really hard to hear them when you’ve decided none of the answers you’ve been given could possibly work.


The Secret Life Of Fear

Fear is like a super villain. It morphs from one form to another. You can play it at any speed or ball it up and swallow it whole, or stand completely still while it engulfs you.

I should know. I’m the queen of gut-wrenching, horror movie fear. I grew up on it. And like every addiction, I’ve been on and off the wagon over the years. Mostly off.

But there comes a time when you hit rock bottom and you know it. Something has to change, and that something is you.

Or in this case, me.

Imagine that.

Fear is a mountain of secrets that I spent years refining, tamping down until it had become a concentrated cube of lethal beliefs, and it was costing me plenty.

But as the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Enter Lynn Grabhorn’s book, Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting. Finally, somebody gave me life’s little instruction book on overcoming addiction to negativity…and I was ready.

What’s this got to do with business? Everything.

What we believe plays out in front of us everyday. It’s a lot like magic. That’s how powerful your emotions are. Don’t believe it?

Tune into your thoughts for just one day. What are you saying about your business, your staff, your customers, yourself?

Now look around you. What do you see?

What you say to yourself all day long is acted out in intimate detail.

If you don’t think you can grow your business by XX%, you can’t. You make the rules, only you can break them.

And that’s where I am right now, re-writing old rules, replacing them with positive ones, creating a foundation of belief that what I want is actually possible.

Already I have picked up a major new client and I have had several new inquiries regarding my newsletter business.

Coincidence? There are no coincidences.

The truth about success is this. You can buy all the business tools in the world, hire all the greatest gurus, but if you don’t believe in your abilities AND let go of your need–yes, need– to be negative, it won’t happen.

It can’t because your belief is law.

And isn’t that the  second scariest part; declaring not to the world, but to yourself, that you have the right to be who you are and earn great money doing what you love? The first fear, of course, is actually allowing yourself to put those positive thoughts into action!

Start noticing what you say and the intensity behind it. That’s your secret life working for you or against you all day, everyday. You’re in charge of it!

There’s no need to ask, “Where do I want to go with my business?” until you answer the question, “Who do I want to be?” That secret belief determines everything about your life.

Susan offers business coaching in the areas of marketing and personal development for salon, spa and medical spa owners. Her newsletter service is used around the world to retain existing clients and to get them spending more money with you. Learn more about the wide variety of subscription options here.

The Message Of Procrastination

“I’ll do it tomorrow. “Sound familiar? It’s one of my favorites. Whenever I say those fatal words, I know I’m in trouble, especially if I don’t write down the task to be accomplished.

Like you, I have days where I feel like my head is going to explode and there’s no way in hell I’m going to get everything accomplished. And, of course, I have the proof to back it up:

  • My internet connection is running incredibly slow
  • No one has returned my emails or phone calls
  • The cat just barfed on the rug

These are all classic signs that I’ve wandered far and deep down the road of procrastination. Hate when that happens.

Procrastination is a message. It’s a desperate attempt to both thwart your efforts at creating the life you want and to slow your butt down! (in a good way)

That’s where it gets so confusing. Success gurus tell us it’s old programming sabotaging our new efforts to break free. I think that’s true. It happens with me all the time.

But there is another edge to procrastination. It’s the one telling you to stop and rest. The trick is to know the difference. If you’re spending most of your time on projects that don’t advance your financial freedom then procrastination has you where it hurts most.

When I have those days, I literally force myself to do one task I have put off for weeks. The sense of freedom is mind blowing. I’m suddenly weightless and giddy.

At other times, I realize my eyes hurt from focusing so much on important tasks at hand, my contacts have dried out. I’ve forgotten what my husband just said and the cat barfed on me! That’s when it’s time to TAKE A BREAK!

The message of procrastination is tricky. To decipher it, you have to be honest with yourself and that’s the one thing procrastination hates!

Be good to yourself,





If your marketing efforts don’t seem to be working, or you’re just not getting the response you want, let me know. I’d be glad to give you 15 minutes of my time to take a look at what you’re doing. My email address is: susan@easysalonnewsletters.com

Who Are You?

Quiz time.

When you think of Coca-Cola, who do you think of? Now, when you think of Apple computers, who do you think of?

Big diff.

With Coke, you have images of Michael Jackson’s famous flame-throwing hair and, of course, taste tests with Pepsi.

With Apple, there’s the iconic Steve Jobs with his obsession for customer service, his brilliance with technology and his quirky personality. Jobs went out of his way to create a “cool” company with a brand that delivers in spades.

Coke? Hmmm…well…uh…let me get back to you on that.

And that’s the point. People like doing business with people. If I have trouble with my Mac, I know I’m going to be taken care of. I have confidence in the company. With Coke? I’m assured of weight gain and health problems. Period.

You might notice that it took Apple some time to come into their own. Suddenly, I’m hearing people talk about buying a Mac. Or people who I never thought would take the plunge (my sister, Sarah) buy one and love it.

It does take time to build a credible business especially when the world is used to one brand over another, Windows over Mac. But that didn’t stop Jobs. And it shouldn’t stop you.

The salon or spa down the street may sell what you sell, more or less: But what are they doing with it? Chances are, nothing. Use that to YOUR advantage.

Put a face on your business, preferably yours. Don’t just sell services, sell personality. Deliver on your services and make your business the place “where everybody knows your name.” Tell the world you love your business so much you’re willing to stand front and center.

It gives people confidence. Oddly enough, it’s a lot like a kick butt guarantee. It keeps you accountable and your customers happy. It broadcasts that their calls won’t be going to Timbuktu if they have a problem. It worked for Steve. It will work for you.

Strut Your Stuff,

How Was The Service?

It went like this. She wanted information on some skin care creme and the spa employee wanted to make a sale. Who do you think won?
Answer: nobody.

One was intent on selling the jar of creme. The other was simply trying to get some information about the product. Big diff.

Yes, it’s disappointing when those pesky customers don’t follow the script! But there’s a lesson in it, too. Start where your customer is comfortable.

Look at it this way. Suppose a friend asked you, “How was the hotel room you stayed in?” Your brain would probably do a quick search. How was the hotel room? It asks. Compared to what? The Hilton? The cheesy motel down the road?

We’re always comparing our experiences. That’s why the information seeker is so important. She wants more than a good jar of anti-aging creme. She’s testing the waters of professional friendship.

Are you worthy of her business? Should she spend her valuable time and money with you?  If a friend asks her, ” How was XYZ salon?” Her brain will be searching for that answer, too. Was the salesperson pushy? Friendly? Helpful?

Her answer determines how much your business grows.

What Makes An Ad Pull Like Crazy

To get an ad to work requires two mind shifts on your part:

1.    Let go of what you think is a great ad

2.    Embrace what actually works

Business owners forget that marketing isn’t about the business ego, it’s about the client ego; two very different points of view.

That’s why your marketing must appeal to a problem or concern that your clients want solved. Forget about how many awards you’ve won, how many years you’ve been in business and so on. The bottom line is this:

 Do you solve problems?

Take a look at the components of an ad that brings in the bucks:

  • A benefit-rich headline or a curiosity headline, e.g., “Who Else Wants To Look Years Younger Without Surgery?” Or, “Love Your Next Cut Or It’s Free!”
  • Copy that speaks directly to your target audience, e.g., “I was looking forward to the sun and the beach…and then I remembered my feet!” Or, “We change dry, damaged hair into soft beautiful hair. Here’s how!”
  • Great Offer-Value-add your services and create packages that sell. For example, “$319 in facial or hair services for an incredible $99!” You must break down your offer so clients can see what they’re getting.
  • Limit the number of packages you sell. This creates scarcity and encourages people to pick up the phone and book. Tracking your offers allows you to see which ones are your best sellers.
  • A kick butt guarantee-A strong guarantee reassures your clients that you have their best interests at heart. It will bring you new business, too! I cannot stress this enough. Don’t be afraid to use it.

Placing value added promos in your newsletter increase the value of it. Your clients want to know what you’re offering this month. So, listen to your customers complain about their hair, skin, nails, etc. and pick up a common theme. That’s where your next ad campaign is lurking.

Got questions? Feel free to email me: susan@easysalonnewsletters.com

Walk Away From Geezer Advertising

Yes, yes, yes.

Just like this couple, you’re pretty sure your advertising is different. It looks different to you because it’s important to YOU.

But to the public, it looks like the same ad as the salon or spa down the street. They might as well be looking in the mirror of ghastly advertising. The only thing that changes is the name of the business.

It’s an old, ineffective way of getting new customers. Just call it geezer advertising.

So will you do yourself a favor? Just stop it. Stop wasting money and time.

Find the people that are looking for you. The richest place on earth to find those folks is right in your own business. Use online and offline newsletters to reel in quality new customers through referrals.

With newsletter marketing, you pull referrals from a quality pool of customers–your clientele! That means a better caliber client for you at a fraction of the marketing cost.
Leave geezer advertising to the feeble. You take the high road! And what is that exactly? Value-add your sales campaigns and include them in your newsletters. The effectiveness of your newsletter will soar.


Want more info on value add marketing? Shoot me an email and tell me how you attract new customers and retain current ones. I’ll send you a primer on value add marketing. It will show you the breakdown of an ad I did when I owned my spa.I’d love to hear from you! susan@easysalonnewsletters.com

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