Why Your Current Advertising Isn’t Working–And What To Do About It

When it comes to marketing and advertising, it’s very easy for frustrated spa and salon owners to point a finger at the public and yell, “What’s the matter with you?”

But there’s another way to view a marketing mishap. The public is giving you some very good feedback.

Every failed or so-so ad has a story to tell if we will only listen.

If your advertising isn’t working, ask yourself these 3 important questions:
Are my ads designed to get the phone ringing?

Most ads are nothing more than a glorified business card or discount coupon. Neither works very well for bringing in qualified customers.

Is your ad responding to customer demand or just what you want to sell?

Trying to cut the salon costs of getting new people in the door by promoting a service that doesn’t have a lot of value to the consumer is just plain shortsighted and wasteful.

So is discounting. It’s just a money pit for spas and salons, breeding only discount customers. Get rid of it! Instead, pile on value with your offers.

Are you constantly chasing after new customers and neglecting the pot of gold in your own spa/salon?

Most spas and salons have very poor follow-up systems. That means they spend wads of cash on chasing after new customers. It costs 5-7 times MORE to get a new customer than it does to keep one. So, if you’re going to market to new people, you better have a tracking system in place.

But what’s more, there’s more money to be made with existing clients. They already love and trust you! Why not sell them on a monthly membership or upsell them on a current service? Using value-add offers will get them back in the door more often.

And you don’t have to work as hard or spend as much money catering to your current clientele.

The key to keeping and building a good clientele is to create a salon or spa experience worth having, value-adding your services and through regular communication with your customers. Giving people information that’s important to them is one of the best ways to keep them connected to you and buying regularly.


5 Ways To Properly Proposition Your Clients

“A customer’s reaction to price is colored by the proposition attached to the price.” Dan Kennedy
If your clients have held you price hostage, there’s a good chance they simply haven’t been properly propositioned. There are five ways to do it; all of them not only perfectly legal, but grossly under used.

Take a look:

1. Unique Selling Proposition-If anyone else has the same kind of business you have, you must answer the unspoken question, “Why should I do business with you?” Most businesses are not unique, but the value you bring to your clients can be.

2. Unique Value Proposition-In a nutshell, what matters to your clients is what they SEE that screams VALUE more than price. What are you doing to promote that?

3. Irresistible Offer-Creating an offer that they simply cannot pass up! Can anybody say, “value add offers”?

4. Unique Safety Proposition-Is it safe to buy from you? Do you stand behind what you offer? Then put it in writing. Make sure you have a kick butt guarantee.

5. Unique Experience Proposition-Make the experience a tangible one through stories, testimonials, explanations. This converts the skeptical so that they are true believers.

Price objection is often resistance to not seeing or understanding the value of a product or service. It’s not just, how will this make my life better or easier? It’s more of, how are you going to make this an experience that’s memorable AND gets me the results I want?

When you properly proposition clients, price resistance fades. That’s why it’s critical to show clients every. single. day. the value you bring to them. Don’t be afraid to proposition them. Do it fearlessly!

That’s what your customers are really asking for, and it’s a money maker. Propositioning builds client loyalty and repeat sales. You definitely want that.

What Makes An Ad Pull Like Crazy

To get an ad to work requires two mind shifts on your part:

1.    Let go of what you think is a great ad

2.    Embrace what actually works

Business owners forget that marketing isn’t about the business ego, it’s about the client ego; two very different points of view.

That’s why your marketing must appeal to a problem or concern that your clients want solved. Forget about how many awards you’ve won, how many years you’ve been in business and so on. The bottom line is this:

 Do you solve problems?

Take a look at the components of an ad that brings in the bucks:

  • A benefit-rich headline or a curiosity headline, e.g., “Who Else Wants To Look Years Younger Without Surgery?” Or, “Love Your Next Cut Or It’s Free!”
  • Copy that speaks directly to your target audience, e.g., “I was looking forward to the sun and the beach…and then I remembered my feet!” Or, “We change dry, damaged hair into soft beautiful hair. Here’s how!”
  • Great Offer-Value-add your services and create packages that sell. For example, “$319 in facial or hair services for an incredible $99!” You must break down your offer so clients can see what they’re getting.
  • Limit the number of packages you sell. This creates scarcity and encourages people to pick up the phone and book. Tracking your offers allows you to see which ones are your best sellers.
  • A kick butt guarantee-A strong guarantee reassures your clients that you have their best interests at heart. It will bring you new business, too! I cannot stress this enough. Don’t be afraid to use it.

Placing value added promos in your newsletter increase the value of it. Your clients want to know what you’re offering this month. So, listen to your customers complain about their hair, skin, nails, etc. and pick up a common theme. That’s where your next ad campaign is lurking.

Got questions? Feel free to email me: susan@easysalonnewsletters.com